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Friday, August 07th, 2015
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Submitted by: Steve Kent

Even though acne is common amongst teens and young acne adults, if your condition is not under control, you need to think about the right acne dermatology treatment. Making that decision is tough. Avoid waiting until your condition becomes a problem and be the kind of person who will take action now to control your acne.

Pimple acne are unsightly. Even the sound of pimple is icky. These clogged skin pores have other alias known as whiteheads, blackheads, cyst or nodules. They can result in scars…can affect your self esteem. Truth be told, it’s guaranteed that if you are between 12 to 17 years old you will at least experience one acne breakout.

Fortunately, there are wide choices of skincare products for acne that are available at pharmacy retailers, TV shopping networks and don’t forget the INTERNET. Perhaps you have heard of them. Name brands such as Murad, Proactiv, Neutrogena, and Clearasil are just a few. And…they may work!

But causes for acne are unique to each individual, the time spent finding over the counter medicines is a study of trial and error. For a typical teen apprehensive about going back to school or young people starting a new career or workplace, showing your best face forward is essential. With that said, over the counter quick acne treatment medicines may not respond in a timely manner thus it’s best to consider acne dermatology treatment.

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Here are some helpful tips when considering a visit to your dermatologist.

Going to a dermatologist is going to take several steps. While at your first appointment, the doctor will perform a physical assessment that includes your health history.

He may order blood work or other diagnostic tests to rule out medical causes for your acne. Depending on the type, severity and frequency of your outbreaks, you may be advised to start a cleansing routine of prescribed topical soaps, creams or lotions. If your acne case is a mild one, oral prescriptions may benefit you.

Your dermatologist might start you on an antibiotic such as Tetracycline or Erythromycin to flush out any infections. If this treatment does not improve in three to six months, Accutane might be the next treatment.

It is best to get a good explanation of the Accutane acne treatment due to its controversy. Some isolated cases of birth defects or suicidal attempts have stirred up precautions about its use. Many dermatologists will not even prescribe this treatment to women of child bearing age or people with a history of depression.

Nevertheless, Accutane’s effectiveness has been called a cure for acne. The length of time to clear up acne with this treatment spans four to six months with up to 60% of acne sufferers getting excellent results. In some cases a second six month treatment might be needed to stop the residual breakouts.

As you can see this Accutane treatment is highly touted as one of the best in getting rid of acne despite its questionable past history for people with certain pre-existing conditions. It is accurate to conclude there are more positive results that out weight the negatives with this acne cleaner treatment.

Therefore you should be diligent about digging deeper into the potential effects both positive and negative of any acne treatment that you are considering.

In conclusion, you should always research your acne condition or talk to a dermatologist to get the best results in curing your acne. What ever acne dermatology treatment you decide on follow through diligently without interrupting the healing process.

About the Author: Steve Kent is a successful publisher and webmaster who enjoys helping people live happier lives by providing solutions to their everyday problems. Did you know 80 – 90 % teenage boys and girls will get acne? And nearly 40% of these teens will be severe acne. Don’t be one of them, find out how….

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
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Submitted by: Valerie Rosenbaum

You can have soft healthy skin naturally. In fact, the use of natural ingredients is actually more effective than the synthetic versions. Not to mention safer. Here s a look at some of the best ingredients for improving your skin s health and softness. Let s start with grape seed oil.

Grape seed oil is good for cooking. In the US, you will probably only find it in gourmet food stores. But, it is relatively popular in European countries.

One of the advantages for cooking has to do with the oil s unique filming ability. The film spreads evenly over the pan s surface. So, less oil is needed.

When used on the skin, the film helps to keep moisture in, while keeping makeup and dirt out of the pores. The oil contains essential fatty acids and is very similar in composition to the skin s own sebum.

A compound produced by glands beneath the skin s surface, sebum is a natural lubricant and protectant. Every time that we take a bath or shower, we wash away sebum and the protection it would provide.

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Using grape seed oil and other good moisturizers helps to replenish the lost oils and protect against damage. So, they help you have soft healthy skin naturally.

Many plant-based oils contain antioxidants, which help to prevent sun damage and counter one of the main causes of aging. By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants prevent the reactive molecules from damaging the skin s cells and fibers.

One of the most effective antioxidants for that purpose is coenzyme Q10. Research has proven that it can reverse sun damage and wrinkles. It improves softness and the skin s moisture content when you use a cream containing it on a regular basis.

The use of a nourishing night cream can help you have soft healthy skin naturally. After washing away makeup and dirt from the day, you should apply a moisturizing night cream. Just be picky about the ingredients. Not all natural ingredients are safe.

You want to avoid essential oils, for example. The name causes a great deal of confusion, but it has been used for centuries. So, no one is going to change the name. A more accurate description would be concentrated plant fragrances.

Essential oils are created by combining flower petals or other plant parts with water. The plant and water concoction is boiled and a distillation device is used to extract the essence of the plant.

Essential oils will not help you have soft healthy skin naturally, because they do not contain fatty acids, antioxidants or other nutrients. Like other fragrance ingredients, they are common causes of allergic reactions.

A good night cream would contain Shea butter. It comes from a nut. It is loaded with fatty acids and other nutrients. After 4-6 weeks of use, it causes a dramatic improvement in softness and smoothness.

Because of all the nutrients it contains, it helps to heal blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. It s good for eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions.

There are other ingredients that help us have soft healthy skin naturally. Learn more about them and be a smart shopper.

About the Author: Valerie Rosenbaum is an expert author on the topic of

anti wrinkle skin care products

. After years of research, the skin care products she recommends use a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients in an

Anti-Aging Serum

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