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Wednesday, September 07th, 2016
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By Criss White

Love truly heightens every emotion. From recognizing the love for another person, one can almost instantly feel the change in perspective in their lives and their aspirations for the future. However, much like any other foundation, love must be founded on solid grounds for a relationship to grow. Taking care of love and relationships will require work from both parties and a conscious effort on a daily basis.

But just as it is a mystery as to why the love bug hit you, falling out of love is also a mystery. Some people dont even realize when they are falling out of love because it happens so gradually. For others, it is just too obvious to be ignored. Falling in love may be confused with infatuation or a strong first impression, but falling out of love will hit you head on.

– During the honeymoon stage, you spend a lot of time communicating whether it is just through the phone or email. However, when falling out of love this communication greatly decreases. Communication will decrease both in quality and quantity. The frequency greatly decreases and you can see that it may not be as thoughtful or special as it once was.

– Time spent together also decreases in quality and quantity. What used to be a regular weekend date schedule now turns into every other week or once a month. For couples living together, the time spent together or outside the home decreases as one may be unavailable for most time for one reason or another. There seems to be less quality time as well as time spent together may be bland or boring. Sometimes, each person is so engaged in their own activities and responsibilities that they dont make time to do things together.

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– Time is now spent with other people compared to the times spent together growing the relationship. The other partner may also be found talking about other things and other people and rarely mentions the other partner.

– The communication is different than it was before and no longer feels special anymore. Before, spending time together was filled with fun and laughter. When falling out of love, the communication no longer seems fun or happy anymore. Sometimes, communication can even be more negative, filled with arguments over little things.

– One may also feel that the partnership is falling away because they feel they dont know the other person on a deeper level and that decisions are made individually instead of working it out together.

– The other person may also feel more moody as feelings are being gauged and monitored at this point. What is truly ecstatic in one moment can turn into a feeling of sadness or emptiness for no reason at all.

– A simple but very helpful sign is having that gut feel that the relationship isnt the same as before. Knowing that this is a true gut feel and not just paranoia will help you see whether your love is now faltering or not.

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Tuesday, September 08th, 2015
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By Daren Warren

Thanks to the boom of online shopping, there are plenty of jewellery stores that offer a wide collection of gold and diamond jewellery at awesome prices. From casual to contemporary to traditional, e-stores offer diamond earrings that cater to every need and occasion.

Studs, drops, huggies and other casual earrings are a great choice for daily wear. Chandelier earrings that feature intricate designs and a combo of precious stones go well with party outfits. If you are looking for earrings that complement your ethnic dress, then go for gold coin earrings or diamond earrings in Lakshmi, flower, or other traditional designs.

There are some online stores that allow you to design and create your own diamond earrings. They offer a collection of loose diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. You can select the style and setting of the earring as well. You can even choose the metal in which you want your earrings to be. For instance, you can opt for gold, platinum, white gold, silver etc., based on your budget. Now, you have a unique set of earrings that no one else owns. Wouldn’t that be amazing? However, just remember that not every store provides this opportunity. In fact only a few reputable online stores let you to optimize jewelry. So, if you want to have a unique set of earrings, designed by you, choose the store which lets you optimization.

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For working women, Sunday is probably the only day you get off. One day when you can relax and pamper yourself or spend quality time with family and friends. On this day also, wouldn’t it be annoying if you have to get ready, face the traffic, the dust and the grime to go to a jewellery store to buy earrings? That’s why online shopping is beneficial, because you can do shopping at the comfort of your home by browsing through the website and pick up the one that catches your eye.

Do you know you can save a lot of money when you do jewelry shopping in online? Firstly, you save on the transportation and parking charges. If you have to go out with kids, then your expenses are sure to hike, you can’t come back home without buying an ice cream or a toy or maybe a new outfit! Imagine the convenience of online shopping – no hassles searching for the store, no bargaining, and above all no overzealous store helper, persuading you to get something that you totally don’t want. So, next time when you have to buy jewelry, try online stores. You will be surprised by the large variety of their collection with cheap price tags.

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