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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
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Submitted by: Princess Cruz

Most of us suffer from back or neck pain at some point in our lives. A chiropractor can treat these problems, but the therapy does not end in the chiropractor’s office.

Generally, a chiropractor will recommend follow up exercises and stretches. Here are a few tips that our office can give you for staying healthy and pain free.

1. Use correct posture. Your spine should be in a neutral position when standing or seated. Consider adding a backrest to your chair if it does not support your lower back. Avoid lying and sleeping on your stomach if possible.

2. Use your phone correctly. Don’t “cradle” a phone in your shoulder – use a hands free headset or put it on speaker instead. When emailing or texting, hold your phone up level with your face rather than slouching. Your Knox County Chiropractor can explain in more detail what ‘text neck’ is.

3. Stay hydrated. Your spinal discs are 80 percent water, so good hydration helps spinal health. And, of course, staying hydrated is good for your entire body.

4. Do resistance training, especially exercises designed to strengthen your back and core muscles. Strengthening the muscles around the spine reduces the strain on the skeletal structures. Resistance training is also good for your bones. Look for exercises designed to support functional strength. Don’t forget to stretch.

5. Meditation can help with pain relief – although this is something you need to learn. Consider finding a class – you can also learn through recordings which are available online or in “New Age” shops. Yoga, of course, is particularly beneficial for the neck and back, and has actually shown to be better than medication. Also, it reduces stress, which can contribute to back pain. Negative thoughts result in muscle tension that then causes problems.

6. Stretching is important for all of us to stay healthy. Yoga is useful for some people, but formal stretching classes can be just as good. Either can be done as daily practice with minimal special equipment.

7. Swimming is beneficial for neck pain, and is also one of the best exercises you can do for overall fitness. If your neck is not up to swimming, then merely moving in the water can also be helpful. You should swim in a warm pool, not a cold one. Salt water pools are even better, if you have one available.

8. Get a better office chair. While you might not be able to do this right away, a chair that supports your neck and back will help you out in the long run. A chair with a headrest is particularly valuable. Also, adjust your headrest correctly when in the car – in addition to overall neck support, this reduces the risk of whiplash injury if you are in a crash.

Talk with your Knox County Chiropractor about proper ergonomics for work and home for additional helpful tips.

And, of course, chiropractic care can help – and not just with neck and back pain. Chiropractic techniques have also been shown to help with headaches, including migraines, and menstrual discomfort in women.

About the Author: A licensed Knox County Chiropractor from

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Thursday, December 08th, 2016
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Dental Surgery Should Be Understood First


Jackse Flentyr

Is it the 6th month already? You’re scheduled to have a dental checkup this month. Dentists always have to remind their patient to visit them every 6 months in order to check for any cavities or dental cleaning. This should be on your list because this is part of your dental hygiene. A fresh clean mouth is something that we should all strive for.

There are a lot of procedures or things that you need to do when you visit the clinic. You need to have those x-rays, cleaning, and extracting of those bad teeth. Some of these procedures are painful and require sedation. One should understand as to why there is a need to do the procedure. Here are 3 common procedures and the reason behind them most dentists would recommend.

1.Root Canal- a procedure that removes the pulp in a tooth and the dentist fills in something to the chamber. This is where oral bacteria forms and it then becomes harmful. This would affect your immune system if it is weak and this would enter in to your bloodstream and tissues surrounding it. It is where a major root canal extraction procedure is done. Root canal is done in order to prevent the bacteria and infection from coming back again.

2.Having silver fillings or having Amalgam fillings contains mercury. This is the most toxic of all heavy metals and can really poison one’s body. It definitely stops the ability of the body to take off the illness. This often leads to some of the neurological diseases. So if you need a filling, you just have to ask your dentist about the kind of fillings, which do not have these poisonous and dangerous kinds of metal oxides.

3.XRAYS should not be performed every 6 months because of the high radiation. Dentist might say that it is safe because the radiation is not as heavy as the sun’s radiation. But this can really affect one’s health. Thus this can cause skin cancer and can damage internal organs. One of the most concerns is having brain tumors and thyroid cancer. You should not have dental x-ray if it only concerns regular check-up.

There are a lot of things that dentist has to do with your dental health. Once you are in the clinic for sure the dentist can find a lot of things you should be doing and be aware of about your dental health. If you have a healthy one, then there is no need to fret. But if you need to have those dental surgery or procedures make sure that you know the reason behind them. Make sure that it will be safe on your side. Always know the logical reason behind everything. You should always ask questions regarding dental health to your dentist at the same time do research what modern dentistry is nowadays.

Remember you only get one set of real adult teeth, and you need to treat them with the respect they deserve. One of many people regrets as they get older is not taking care of their dental health in their earlier years.

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Friday, September 02nd, 2016
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Top Health Tips For Women


Joshua Jenkins

Perhaps one of the most important aspect of life is our health. That goes with the saying, Health is wealth . A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy body. When it comes to health, men and women experience and react to various conditions differently.

As we all know, women are more conscious than men when it comes to health issues. Women\’s health is a big issue from pregnancy to infections, to infertility. That s why it is very important that you educate yourself in every facet of women\’s health . It is imperative for them to be healthy as they play a very vital role in maintaining the health of their family and to their community.

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Women have their own need whether it is about food and diet, activities, medical attention and even basic needs such as clothing and shelter. Women are known to be fragile than opposite sex. There are different ways on how women can improve their overall well being mind, body and soul, which have a great effect to emotional, physical and psychological development .

As we all know, what we eat affects our health. When it comes to diet, women needs less calories and fats than on men. Women need s more vitamins and minerals as part of their daily diet as well. They also need more iron because they have monthly period which can lead to anemia due to loss of excessive bloods.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are proven to be really very healthy. To be completely, you are however going to need more than just fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates and proteins should also take into consideration. Breads, cereals, rice and pasta are all excellent carbohydrates. Proteins are essential for muscle repair and include meat, poultry, fish and eggs

Aside from healthy eating, regular exercise is also very important. Those who lack activities such as exercise and have the kind of job that only require them to sit on their chair the whole day may have a bigger chance of acquiring one of these condition compare to those whose works involve some movements.

Simple things can also be very beneficial like walking, drinking lots of liquids and even sleeping well can contributes a lot to women s healthcare. Sleep deprivation is not good for you and there are numerous studies out there that report on the various health issues that can arise due to lack of sleep.

Prevention is always better than a cure. In conclusion, healthy eating habits, regular exercise and proper sleep will do a lot to improve your lifestyle and maximum health.

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Wednesday, September 02nd, 2015
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How to get Online Doctor Consultation


Vipi G.

With the increasing numbers of internet users and rapid blooming of health clinics, online doctor consultation is into great demand these days. Most of the patients prefer to use internet as a medium to get the proper diagnostic for their sickness. The reason for such online doctor consultation may be due to the time flexibility and better service quality from professional health experts. Unlike offline health clinics the patients get best quality of medical service with a reasonable consultation fees. There are certain things which you must keep in mind while opting for online doctor consultation from an experienced health expert.

Service quality: All patients expect a better quality of service from the health experts but sometimes the doctors fail to deliver the right quality of medical service to the patients due to lack of experience or carelessness. Hence while going for online doctor consultation, make sure that the service quality offered by him is tailor made as per the requirement of patients. It is always good to ask the old patients about the service quality offered by the health clinic. It will help you to choose the best clinic in your city.

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Reputation of the service provider: A new doctor is always worse than an old patient due to lack of experience. All doctors don’t offer the same sort of service as it differs as per the experience of the medical professional. While going for online doctor consultation, make sure that the service provider has a good reputation in the market for offering best quality of service as per the expectation of patients. The doctor should be professional in the medical field and should posses relevant experience in the field to judge the symptom of disease quickly in order to provide the right quality of medicine.

Consultation fee: You must be well aware about the prevailing

online doctor consultation

fee in the market otherwise some doctors may charge some heavier amount of money during the treatment procedure. It is always advisable to visit a reputed online website because thiswill help you to get the best quality of service with some reasonable fees. The best part of online doctor consultation is that you will get a chance to select your service provider by comparing the benefit packages and fees from the internet resources. It will help you to get the medical service within your budgeted amount. You can also save a lot of money in the long run by this way.

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Thursday, July 09th, 2015
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Submitted by: Dr. Gianino

When you have a missing tooth and a traditional bridge is used to replace it, your ability to chew, bite and eat is restored and the gap left by the missing tooth is filled, but your gums and jawbone are still lacking the tooth root which helped keep them alive and stimulated. Dental implants solve that problem because the titanium screw that is implanted in your jawbone eventually becomes a part of the bone in a process called osseointegration. Because of this process, your bone and gums stay stimulated and alive, totally unaware of the fact that your natural tooth is no longer there.

Dental implants can be used in a variety of instances from replacing one tooth to securing a bridge, a partial denture or even full dentures. To replace one tooth, the artificial tooth (or crown) is secured into your mouth with the implant without any need to be attached to surrounding teeth. For a bridge or partial that replaces several teeth, only one implant is typically needed to secure the structure in your mouth, whereas a full denture will require four or more implants.

A dental implant consists of three separate parts:

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1. A titanium screw (or cylinder) that is surgically placed beneath the gum line and into the bone beneath your missing tooth or teeth.

2. An abutment that protrudes above the gum line and is fashioned to secure to the artificial tooth, bridge or denture.

3. The prosthesis itself which can be one tooth, a bridge, a partial or a full denture that has been designed to be able to slip onto the abutment in order to be securely held in your mouth.

When artificial teeth are supported by dental implants, not only do they look, feel and function like natural teeth, they also keep the surrounding gums and bone stimulated and alive the way that natural teeth do, which is good for your overall oral health. And, because a prosthesis that is secured with a dental implant does not need to attach to surrounding teeth to be secured, it reduces any strain or wear that can be placed on neighboring teeth. When you have missing teeth, even if they have been replaced by a bridge, a partial denture or even a full denture, dental implants can still be used to secure an existing prosthesis to give it more stability and provide you with added comfort and reliability for biting and chewing.

In order to be a good candidate for dental implants, you must have adequate bone structure for the placement of the titanium screw or cylinder. However, there are procedures such as bone grafting and ridge modification that can be done to ensure that you have the needed bone structure for an implant. By examining your gum, jawbone and teeth, a dentist will be able to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a dental implant or if additional treatments to get you ready for dental implants are a viable solution.

Once your missing teeth are replaced by a prosthesis that is secured with a dental implant, your teeth will look, feel and function so naturally that even your mouth won t be able to tell the difference!

About the Author: Dr. Gianino has based his dental philosophy on patient respect and genuine relationships, taking the time to learn about the smile of your dreams – the smile you deserve. You can visit his website at

. He would love to hear from you.


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