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Thursday, February 09th, 2017
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GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is Latitude?



GPS technology makes it possible to keep an eye on any person, asset anywhere in the world.

One piece of data that is collected is the latitude.

Latitude is measured from the equator in units called degrees. It’s often written as a positive number of degrees in the northern hemisphere and a negative number of degrees in the southern hemisphere.

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Latitude starts at to 0 degrees at the equator, down to -90 degrees at the South Pole, and up to +90 degrees at the North Pole

As interesting as this technology is, however, its usefulness is determined not by data itself but how the data is collected and used.

For this reason, GPS tracking and recording solutions read and take advantage of GPS data like never before.GPS tracking devices usually splits in to two categories

a.Active tracking devices

b.Passive tracking devices (Data loggers)

Active tracking units constantly collect data and send data to central tracking system (such as computer). Active devices are more expensive and consume more power. Passive tracking devices, on the other hand, simply store positioning data on a build in memory chip. Once the tracking device is recovered, data can be downloaded to some device for further analysis.

One of the examples of passive tracking devices are data loggers. Technically speaking, a data logger is any device that can be used to store data.. GPS Data Logger will record your track, time and location for viewing on application such as Google Earth. Applications include tracking vehicles, children and elderly, geo tagging pictures, recording travel/hiking routes etc

Data can be exported in standard HTML, EXCEL, Google Earth KML, and RTF file formats. The data records the following parameters – Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed.

You can write latitude correctly in a couple of different ways. For example: Las Vegas, Nevada is at +36 degrees latitude; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is at -22 degrees latitude. The same example can be written specifying North or South instead of using positive and negative.

Las Vegas, Nevada is at 36 degrees North; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is at 22 degrees South.

GPS technology takes tracking/navigation to next level. If you have important assets to track to or simply Gadget lover GPS receivers surely promise to impress.

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GPS Tracking Mysteries: What Is Latitude?


Saturday, November 26th, 2016
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Logbook Loans are Available Online on the Web


Andrew Edmonds

Logbook advances are credits secured on your vehicle, so the bank asserts your vehicle until you pay the development back. You can keep using your vehicle the length of you repay the credit. In any case, they are expensive and risky and you should sidestep them if you can.

Logbook advances are available on the more responsible option and on the web.

You can ordinarily procure amongst 500 and 50,000, dependent upon how much your auto is worth, in spite of the way that you may simply be allowed to get up to half of your auto’s quality.

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These are the reports that exhibit you are the enrolled watchman of the vehicle.

We take pride in being moral and fit advance pros, and are authorized people from the Consumer Credit Trade Association. With our logbook propels, this infers we will reliably guarantee your month to month repayments are sensible, and that our terms are versatile to your necessities. Our Logbook Loans range from 500 – 25000, so you secure as pitiful or as much as you lean toward.

Your auto is your security with our Logbook Loans, making Auto Advance open to more borrowers and quickening the method much further. Logbook Loans with Auto Advance are not just kept to automobiles, we in like manner advance on motorbikes and vans.

Note that Logbook moneylenders take your V5 when you agree your credit. This makes them the enrolled gatekeeper of your vehicle for the term of the credit and in case you miss even a singular portion, your auto can be sold quickly and without encountering a court system. This puts logbook moneylenders into the bank of last resort class and it’s a given that it’s absolutely essential that you promise you can make the repayments before concentrating on assuming out a logbook acknowledgment.

We grasp the distinctive life circumstances that have made you have poor credit, and we understand that there are an extensive measure of times when it isn’t your weakness. We assume that past mistakes or issues shouldn’t be the reason on the most capable strategy to gage your ability to acquire and pay back later on.

We work in association with two of the greatest logbook credit advance masters in the UK. They consider applications from borrowers with a not as much as impeccable money related evaluation. Notwithstanding the way that you’ve had repossessions or court judgments, they may have the ability to help you secure the money that you require gave you are qualified and can deal with the expense of the repayment.

We take pride in being moral and capable loan specialists, and are licensed individuals from the Consumer Credit Trade Association. With our logbook advances, this implies we will dependably ensure your month to month reimbursements are reasonable, and that our terms are adaptable to your necessities. Our Logbook Loans range from 500 – 25000, so you acquire as meager or as much as you prefer.

Your auto is your security with our Logbook Loans, making Auto Advance open to more borrowers and accelerating the procedure much further. Logbook Loans with Auto Advance are not simply confined to autos, we likewise loan on motorbikes and vans.

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Thursday, April 09th, 2015
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Auto Parts for Unique Christmas Gifts


Michiel Van Kets

Christmas can be a stressful time of year particularly when you have gifts to buy for family and friends and never know what to get them! Male members of the family are always the most difficult to please and this is where the internet can come in useful. There are lots of suggestions online, all you have to do is log on and search for gifts and websites galore will appear giving you lots of original and unique ideas that won’t cost the earth.

Auto parts and accessories can be a good choice when it comes to pleasing people at Christmas whether you’re looking for something for a male or female. Most people these days have a car and there are all kinds of gifts that can be purchased at reasonable costs and will put a smile on a loved ones face.

Items that are inexpensive, practical and welcomed by car owners include car covers to keep a vehicle’s finish looking good over the long term, car seat covers that can be removed and washed to keep the interior clean and fresh, and car care kits. Interior accessories, tools, audio parts and wheel trims and auto-related books are all appreciated and handy gifts that can be put to use and won’t be put away in a drawer never to be seen again.

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A gift certificate is always a good compromise if you can’t come to a decision as it shows you have put some thought into what the person might like and enjoy, but ultimately the choice is entirely theirs. They can use it to buy an item that’s needed instead of you choosing and spending money on something they will end up not using.

Buying auto parts and accessories online is an effective way to shop as it means you get everything at discounted prices and can find some really cheap deals. All the top brand names are available including Accel, Holley, Proform, Honda and B&M. Auto part stores online stock a huge diversity of car parts and accessories so you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you want then just give them a call or send an email and you should get a prompt answer. Staff also have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer their customers so if you need advice or additional information then don’t hesitate to ask.

Shopping online doesn’t just mean you get to avoid all the crowds and crazy people who turn manic when it comes to christmas shopping, you can order your items at any time of the day you choose. There are no closing times to be aware of when online, shop in the early hours of the morning or mid-afternoon depending on when you have the time and when you are in the mood.

Plenty of websites these days will deliver your order to any given address, this saves you postage and time, even if you leave everything to the last minute your gift should arrive on time as delivery time is generally only a day or two. For the Christmas rush however it’s advised to order in advance.

Get online now and you will be just in time for the Christmas sales and offers. Whether you’re interested in wheel trims, tools and equipment, hurst

shifters, or any other high performance or replacement

performance auto parts

then this is the place you will find them at prices you can afford.

Don’t get stressed this Christmas, order all your gifts via the internet and save yourself a lot of time, money and anxiety. All the top brands can be found and if you are looking for books, or any other automotive accessories you can locate what you require at reasonable prices.

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