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Sunday, January 29th, 2017
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By Lucas Godfrey

Although there are many software packages available already on the market, they just keep on coming. If you’re interested to learn how to edit photos like the professionals, you ought to take a look at PhotoEditorX.

To begin with, a real professional photographer requires a powerful software to be able to perfect his photos. This is what this software is promoted as, being powerful. It has many features and is not a demo that has limitations. You buy the software and its yours whether you want to use it on one computer or many, there are no restrictions.

Some very serious photographers do great work but just cannot afford the high price of upscale software to put the fine touches on their work. This is where PhotoEditorx has stepped in. They offer advanced photo editing features at reasonable prices. It allows an average user the ability to apply advanced techniques because it is user friendly.

Often one of the problems with high-powered advanced software is the support material. It is so technically written that one has to be almost an expert in the software just to understand the instructions. In this case, the software has extensive training manuals that teach the user rather than gloats on all its capabilities without demonstrating the use of them.

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One of the nice features about PhotoEditorx is that you get full details of what you are getting. Not just a blurb on a box telling you what it can do. This product explains what you are getting and what you need it for. In other words, it makes common sense.

When you are buying a photo editing software program do not fall into the trap of thinking they are all the same. Many times individuals who are at the professional level of photography feel that the more they pay for a program the better it must be. Software that is priced as this particular one shows that is just not the case.

There is no doubt that you are going to understand the capabilities of every function available in this particular software. After a careful review of it, you are also going to realize that there will be anything that you are not likely to use. Provided of course you are planning to do some serious editing.

Many times individuals involved in photo editing do so on at least more than one computer. With the freedom to download, the software on as many computers as you want it gives this PhotoEditorx software a very strong leading advantage. It is easy to see by the sample work they provide just what type of professional results that can be obtained. It is not likely there is much on the market at least at this price that could produce better results.

Be among the rare few to own this “highly-exclusive” Photo Editing Software Suite before it vanishes. This is previously available only to professionals in the magazine houses.

Take PhotoEditorX for a test drive today…

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Wednesday, December 07th, 2016
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By Turk Malloy

In todays materialistic world, each one of us is busy in fulfilling our dreams, without giving a thought to what price we have to pay for it, or whether it is affordable or not. These days, taking loans is the only solution to meet daily expenses. An individual takes up loans, but forgets to cut his daily expenses to provide for repayment. And at a point of time, he may end up with piles of bills on his study table. This results in adverse credit in his credit report, which hampers whenever he apply for loans, in future. Tenants generally do not have anything to offer as collateral, which creates hurdle in their way of acquiring loans. And adverse credit adds up to their already existing worries. At this critical point of time adverse credit tenant loans can prove to be of great help.

Adverse credit tenant loans are designed especially by keeping in view the needs of the tenants. It can be issued to an individual in spite of his bad credit record. He will just have to give the proof of his present income. Adverse credit tenant loans do not necessitate any of your personal assets as security. With adverse credit tenant loans, an individual can borrow an amount ranging from 1000 to 25000. However, it is recommended to borrow an amount as per your needs and which you can repay easily.

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Adverse credit tenant loans provide enough time to the borrower to repay the loan amount. The repayment tenure of the loan amount may range from 6 months to 10 years, depending on the amount you have borrowed. With timely repayment of the loan amount, tenants can manage to mend their existing adverse credit. Because of high risk involved, the rate of interest for adverse credit tenant loans is usually high. Do not worry! With proper search you can find adverse credit tenant loans at nominal rates.

Now, we will be discussing in detail how to search for adverse credit tenant loans to find competitive rates. For adverse credit tenant loans, you can either search personally for various lenders or seek through various online sources. Following the latter way can save much of your time and effort. Moreover, you will be able to make your choice from a wide range of lenders. And you can also avail discount rates because of competitive edge in the market. Adverse credit tenant loans are the perfect solution of all your anxieties.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2015
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By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Heres your monthly allowance, dear. Its yours to spend as you wish…. By the way, please write a check to cover… And while youre at it, Id like to review your checkbook to see how you are spending the rest. Sound familiar?

Financial abuse is the customary name for this form of spousal emotional abuse. Its one of the popular power and control tactics used to foster dependency and dominance in intimate relationships. Essentially, it violates ones personal autonomy and emotional integrity.

Controlling Men and Money

Why do controlling men use money to control their financially un-empowered female partners? ANSWER: Because they can. No, seriously, they think they need their spouses financial dependence upon them. It adds to their sense of relationship security.

From their perspective, its their money anyway. And they know you need some, want some and have no other means to attract any. So they enjoy the privilege of holding this green carrot in front of you in order to keep you in line.

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You, on the other hand, enjoy your privilege of having his/our money to spend, as you need it. And you love that there is always enough, or so it seems. That is, there are sufficient funds available to cover your interests and desires…unless you have one that he objects to.

Money and Freedom in Controlling Relationships

Is your access to money controlled by another person your freedom or your entrapment? I know if you are in this situation that you have asked yourself this question thousands of times.

And chances are you have used this family money to retaliate in the relationship, as well. I was there, too, nearly two decades ago. I can remember the $350 shoes purchased to ease the blow of his last blowup. How ridiculous of me. It wasnt really easing my emotional pain; it was grabbing back some control.

Your use of this money sometimes looks like your freedom and other times feels like your entrapment. Its both exhilarating and frustrating, depending on where you are in the cycle of financial abuse.

Breaking the Cycle of Financial Control

Can intimate relationships characterized by financial abuse become relationships of mutual honoring and respect when it comes to money? ANSWER: Yes, with the right treatment intervention.

Counseling that addresses the control issue is the only intervention that can shift this dynamic. Now you know abuse is about control, but your partner insists that he is not abusive to you. In fact, he is insulted that you would even look to domestic abuse counseling to deal with your relationship problems.

This is not a deal-breaker. Trust that your partner can see the relevance of a domestic abuse intervention as a result of the treatment. That is, in the course of the intervention, the abuse/control dynamics you are dealing with can become crystal clear to both of you. (Even betterthe door will open to see and remedy the multitude of other power and control strategies used in your relationship.) Leave that part up to the intervention itself and instead focus on how you can help your partner to see your need for personal counseling.

Whether you tell him or not, is not as important as the fact that you take the step toward breaking the cycle of control by reaching out yourself. He can believe you are reaching out to help yourself with your own pain. And the therapist can help you engage him in the domestic abuse intervention, as its appropriate.

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