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Thursday, May 14th, 2015
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Introduction of Brother CS6000I Computerized Sewing Machine


Tom Buggie

Are you looking for a feature-rich computerized sewing machine for a fraction of the price of a professional model? If so, Brother CS6000I Computerized Sewing Machine (Brother CS6000I) should be the perfect machine for you.

Whether your want it for mending, crafting, clothing or even quilting, the Brother CS6000I has it all for you. This machine comes with several excellent features such as, 1-step automatic buttonholer with 7 styles of auto-size buttonholes, 60 stitch functions (which includes quilting stitches, decorative embellishment stitches, and basic utility stitches), various of snap-on presser feet that cater for different stitches, auto threading, quick-set drop-in bobbin, 7mm zigzag and decorative stitches, a sewing light and much more.

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Brother CS6000I built-in with a very helpful Liquid crystal display (LCD) where you get to see the stitch selection, stitch length and stitch pattern. The LCD too will show the error code, if you happen to choose the wrong option. The code shown here is not something you would understand without referring the manual.

With a touch of a button for start, stop and reverse sewing, this machine seems to be easy operation. Yes, even the speed (slow, medium and fast) can be adjusted with a push of the slide panel. However, if the pedal control is what you wish to use, then it is available by plugging in the pedal control.

This machine weights not more than 16 pounds and compact in size (16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches), which is a real space saver for many people. With such light weight, portability will not be an issue. It will be a ideal item should you require to bring it to any of your quilting or sewing classes.

Other than the above features and benefits, Brother CS6000I does package with many useful tools such as thread ripper, extra feet, button holder, and specialty needles which are all kept together in the built-in storage compartment. If you’re into quilting and large sewing project, an extension platform will come in handy to provide you a larger sewing platform.

Well, nothing is perfect. You will find complaints from consumers about this machine as well. The few typical ones are the sewing light is a too dim, the machine reset the stitch back to default setting when you turn off and the machine may move sewing large items due to its lightweight. However, all these are not critical shortcomings and can be overcome with quite a few workarounds.

Some even doubt the robustness and durability of this machine due to the fair amount of the plastic parts. But with the limited 25-year warranty given by Brother, it does give every potential buyer a peaceful mind.

Consider all the features and the low price you are paying for this machine, it definitely does outweigh any minor shortcomings. So the Brother CS6000i would be a first-class selection if you are really beginning to sew for the very first time, or you want good value for hard earned money.

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Introduction of Brother CS6000I Computerized Sewing Machine

Saturday, April 26th, 2014
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Submitted by: Jckrc Spa

Atmospheric pollution and stress have taken a new height in today’s world, zoomed up with activity and hyperactive lifestyles of the masses. The modernization and mechanization of living trends have brought forth a boom in terms of pollution and stress. Pollution at one end, and stress and strain to the other, have resorted to take into task and hamper the health and physical constraints of an individual. As a result, a person has been having a hard time trying to keep up the maintenance of self in terms of health and body, overall fitness, so to say. There arouse a situation wherein the quality of living, in terms of health of body and mind have decreased to a rock bottom level and none of the cosmetics from India proved effective.

Owing to hectic lifestyles, which demanded more stamina and an energy rich body and mind, the need for rejuvenation cropped up. Everything that works needs to be recharged and human body is no exception. Human body needs to be recharged with energy and rejuvenated from time to time, for further and proper functioning in the long run. As the need for rejuvenation has come up, a plethora of health care centers, health spas and grooming parlors have mushroomed up, offering various cosmetics from India. The increasing number of health care spas have been of not much help as there arouse a large number of them and people have been torn between choices, in a bid to pick up the best among them.

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Though there have been a handful of renowned spas in Mumbai, they didn’t seem to produce the desired result, especially in the long run. The number of health spas kept on increasing by each dawn but only to be prove fertile in rendering effective services, meeting up to people’s satisfaction. There arouse a need for something innovative, a health spa that provided effective treatments and services, a spa that people could rely on, blind folded. So, with an intention to render effective services in terms of health and body care, a celebrity duo, Mr. J.C. Kapur and Mrs. Rekha Chaudhari have come up with JCKRC Spa Destination, a health and body care spa, in the interest of all round wellness in terms.

JCKRC Spa Destination is a health spa, an ideal hub and an altar of human body and mind. Here at this spa, one gets pampered with indulgence in quality relaxation techniques and treatments, the luxury kind that can be sourced out only at JCKRC Spa Destination, Mumbai. This renowned spa in Mumbai has been launched by these two celebrities who are well noted in the social circuits, who have taken up this task together in a bid to take the health and grooming aspects of the India to the next level in terms of global standards. This luxury spa in Mumbai offers exclusive cosmetics from India based on Silicum, and other anti-aging cosmetics that are not easily available in the Indian markets.

Not many cosmetics in India are as skin friendly as the cosmetics offered at the JCKRC Spa Destination Pvt. Ltd, the ultimate spa. JCKRC has also come up with exclusive range of treatments and cosmetics like their skin care range from R my Laure, Phytomer, Silicum, Zoya, Babor, Pharma Clay and many more. Their range of products include DNA Energising Line, Sun Care, Dry Skinline, Moisture Line, Brightening Series, Specific Skin Care and more. JCKRC Spa Destination promises to offer best results in JCKRC spa with an exclusive range of cosmetics.

Novel Rope Treatment, which is available only at JCKRC has been exclusively patented to Rekha Chaudhari and the treatment is nowhere available in India. The services offered at this spa in Mumbai are quite unique and not commonly available among other quality spas in Mumbai, or for that matter, spas in India. These cosmetics from India offer a perfectly balanced, moisturized, glowing and amazingly lucid skin. JCKRC Spa Destination offers certified beauty products and spa services that are unique and the best available towards obtaining and maintaining a better glowing skin for lasting beauty.

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