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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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By Ria Dev

Living Quarters in a Horse Trailer

When you travel a lot with your horse then Living quarters in your horse trailer are a must if you travel long distances or have overnight stops. The size of your living quarters depends if you have bumper hitch or goose neck, the latter being sizeably bigger giving more free space for your comfort.

So what sort of living quarters do you want in your horse trailer? Obviously a bed is a must, you can sleep 2, 3, 4 or even more if desired, again the size of the trailer is the deciding factor. Your trailer can be a real home from home with varying degrees of luxury depending on your budget. After a hard day in the saddle a nice comfy bed in cosy surroundings appeals to most!

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Okay so you’ve got your sleeping quarters, a bath/shower room will be an obvious must and space will probably be tight so don’t be alarmed. For me, a functional kitchen equipped with microwave, fridge, stove, storage space and with a seating area would complete the living quarters. The total space you will have will again depend on the size of your horse trailer. Remember there needs to be space for your horse and all his kit so you might find yourself looking at bigger and bigger trailers – try not to get carried away!

There are some pretty cool living quarters in horse trailers on the market and as you would expect they come with a price tag to match. For around $43,000 you can have all the above including an ultra leather lounge, aircon, cherry wood finish and separate shower and toilet.

With all this luxury in the living quarters in your horse trailer you would also expect your horse to travel in the same quality of comfort and I would expect to have feed and hay mangers, rubber matting on floor and plenty of travelling room in slant style stalls. If luxury is what you want then it is definitely out there all you have to do is look!

About the Author: Ria Dev writes on Horse Trailer selection and care for

Horse Trailer Sale

. All the info you need for the horse trailer owner.


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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Delta Airlines flight 4951 made a safe emergency landing at JFK International Airport in New York City yesterday after the aircraft’s right landing gear failed. There were 64 passengers and crew members aboard as well as 3,000 gallons of flammable fuel.

The pilot maintained composure as he radioed air traffic control. He reported “The right gear is stuck up. The other two are down”. When asked which runway he wanted to land on, he stated “Whichever one would be better for you all.” They settled on Runway 31 Right.

Flight crew members prepped passengers for the emergency landing by telling them “heads down stay down!” in the crash position. The captain told them to brace for impact over the intercom.

Rescuers on the ground feared the worst on account of the 3,000 gallons of flammable fuel. As the plane landed, sparks flew from the righthand side but the plane did not catch fire.

All 64 people were shuttled safely from the aircraft to the airport.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, visited the area worst hit by the tsunami that struck the Indonesian island of Java Monday afternoon. Mr Yudhoyono toured the small town of Pangandaran meeting people who were staying in a temporary camp. Many of them are too scared to return home after the huge wave killed nearly 550 people. The tsunami was produced by an underwater earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 on the Richter scale.

At the camp, Mr Yudhoyono told one woman to “be strong”. According to a relief worker, about 3,000 people have taken refuge at the site, but only about 500 of them have lost their homes. She said people are too scared to go home because they live on the coast, a sentiment shared by one woman who told AFP: “I did not lose my home, and my husband and child are safe, but we are still traumatised by the tsunami and are too afraid to return home in case another one comes.”

West Java Governor Danny Setiawan told journalists that officials are persuading people to return home, and he said a return to normality “could take five to six years”.

Aid workers are working to provide relief to the 15,500 people who have been left homeless as a result of the two-meter high wave. Yesterday, 15 tonnes of rice and 1,600 boxes of instant noodles were dropped, but some residents have said government assistance is necessary for them to regain their livelihoods. One woman told Reuters, “I don’t have anything, only 5,000 rupiah (£0.30, $0.55) in my wallet. The government should give us money to buy houses and a boat.”

It is estimated over 300 people are still missing, and the army and police are using helicopters, boats and mechanical diggers in the hope of recovering survivors. Lieutenant Colonel Tri Yuniarta has told his 350-strong rescue team in Pangandaran to finish collecting bodies trapped under debris by next Monday.

The Indonesian government has been criticised for failing to inform residents that a tsunami was looming. After the underwater earthquake was detected, US and Japanese agencies issued warning notices, but the government has admitted it was unable to transmit the bulletins to coastal areas. Speaking yesterday, Mr Yudhoyono vowed to hasten efforts to build an early warning system planned after the 2004 Asian tsunami. “We want to expedite efforts to get infrastructure for the tsunami warning system in place,” AP quoted him as saying. “I will work with parliament to get the budget”.

Survivors have described the tsunami, which struck a 200km stretch of Java‘s southern coast. A Belgian tourist said he was in a beach side bar when the wave hit. “I saw this big cloud of dark sea water coming up to me”.

Indonesia is situated on the Pacific Rim of Fire where 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Friday, October 30, 2009

A search and rescue mission is underway off the coast of California for nine people missing after a US Coast Guard plane collided in midair with a Navy helicopter. The plane, a C-130 Hercules transport, was carrying seven and two were on the AH-1 SuperCobra assault helicopter.

Searchers from the Navy and Coast Guard have found floating debris from the aircraft. The collision occurred roughly 15 miles from San Clemente Island, and a pilot in the area witnessed a fireball. Some debris is confirmed as coming from a C-130. The plane and crew were based at Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento and the helicopter and crew were from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing presence at Camp Pendleton.

According to Petty Officer Henry Dunphy, the airplane was equipped with survival gear. “We’re hoping to find survivors. We’re not ruling that out,” he said.

The rescue operation is being conducted by both air and sea. Lieutenant Josh Nelson of the Coast Guard said that “we are throwing everything we can at this right now,” adding that the crews were trained in survival techniques.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More than 100 protesters gathered Saturday in San Francisco to object to the Human Rights Campaign‘s (HRC) stance on gender identity.

The protesters picketed the HRC’s annual fundraising dinner to protest the organization’s efforts to remove gender identity protections from legislation that would add sexual orientation to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

The group was clad in a variety of outfits, ranging from street clothing to drag to camp gear; some wore make-up or fake moustaches. Cross-dressers, gays, lesbians, transgender and gender inspecific individuals were in attendance. The group claimed a unified purpose: to express feeling betrayed by the HRC’s action, a move the protesters argued is opposed by over 350 local, statewide and national LGBT advocacy organizations.

The event quickly developed into more than ordinary civil disobedience. The “Left OUT Party: A Genderfal Gay-la” elicited a festive mode among individuals who oscillated between roles of protester and entertainer. At times, it was difficult to determine one from the other.

“Some may say that incrementalism is a smart and sound political strategy, but we don’t think that throwing the transgender community under the bus in the name of incrementalism [is] really what the LGBT community is all about,” explained Left OUT organizer Hunter Hargrave.

Some HRC dinner invitees smiled in acknowledgment of the protest, which handed out fliers supporting a united position on the ENDA and encouraging invitees of the $300 event to partake in the picketing.

The counter-party was organized by a coalition of queer progressive organizations, including Pride at Work, And Castro for All, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the Trans March, the SF Labor Council, the Queer Youth Organizing Project and the Lou Sullivan Society/FTM International. Protesters were treated to speeches by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who was honored by the Left OUT party as a local hero for his work in ending the ban on same-sex marriage in the California Courts, as well as City Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

Mila Ponder, host of transition issues podcast, said she found out about the event at San Francisco’s annual Gay Pride weekend in June, where supporters were handing out flyers. Other attendees had learned about the event through word-of-mouth or networking sites like Facebook.

In addition to Herrera, other honors were presented. “2008 Human Rights Heroes” included State Assemblyman Mark Leno, Police Commission President Theresa Sparks, National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal Director Shannon Miller, San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Duffy and San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
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Sunday, June 11th, 2017
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Submitted by: Kory Kosiba


Moving could be a tiresome, stressful and dear experience. For an individual who finds it a difficult task to go from one place to another, all that needs to be done is to get a moving company. A moving company, Removalist or Vanline can be a company that assists people and businesses to transfer from one place to another. The moving company allows you pack all your personal property and ship them out. When one hires a moving company, one fills out a questionnaire to get moving quotes.

Moving quotes are flat-rate monetary quotes offered by moving companies, determined by intelligent assessment of the level of your belongings and time taken to the move plus effort, labor, travel arrangements as well as the equipments useful for the move. This is a non-hourly based contract. Using moving quotes protects you still scams, means that the business will give you efficient services and guaranteed pricing where your goods are addressed by experts who have knowledge, expertise and experience to properly do the move that you will expect.


Here is the calculation of transport charges, which includes estimation of shipment weight and extra services requested by the customer. Moving estimate are really simple to do and take less than one hour to complete and can be done by oneself employing a moving cost calculator. The moving cost calculator simplifies the work of budgeting to the move. Moving estimates are determined by several crucial factors. They add the following:

YouTube Preview Image

• Approximate time delivered to receive one destination to the other.

• Estimated weight from the load

• Fuel charges used for the move

• Degree of difficulty involved

• Amount of movers required determined by large items for example furniture or pianos.

When employing a movers company the moving price does not sum up to the above factors. Additional factors that should be considered while budgeting for your move are mortage, gas, utilities, deposits, basic expenses and moving estimate. Moving companies provide three different moving estimates:

• Non-binding estimate: frequently used. It can be an approximation of moving price depending on your assessment and total shipment. Initial estimate may change during the course of the move and one may need to pay more by the end when compared with originally quoted for. They may be not a guarantee and don’t serve as a contract. The fee increase and reduce depending on your shipments

• Binding estimate: The value from the quoted amount is the one you spend, even when the shipment weighs over the estimated amount or fewer as opposed to estimated amount. The shipment and company services should be accurately provided, hand-written and paid by cash.

• Binding not-to-exceed estimate: the actual weight of one’s shipment is a bit more how the written amounts, you’ll still pay the quoted amount. In the event the shipment is under the quoted amount, you spend a lesser price than suggested for the quoted amount. The main benefit of employing this kind of estimate is you won’t ever pay a price more than the quoted amount.

About the Author: A moving company, Removalist or Vanline is often a company which helps people and businesses to transfer from spot to


ing moving quotes protects you still scams.


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Sunday, June 11th, 2017
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