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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giving a cow a name and treating her as an individual with “more personal touch” can increase milk production, so says a scientific research published in the online “Anthrozoos,” which is described as a “multidisciplinary journal of the interactions of people and animals”.

The Newcastle University‘s School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development’s (of the Newcastle University Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering) researchers have found that farmers who named their dairy cattle Ermintrude, Daisy, La vache qui rit, Buttercup, Betsy, or Gertrude, improved their overall milk yield by almost 500 pints (284 liters) annually. It means therefore, an average-sized dairy farm’s production increases by an extra 6,800 gallons a year.

“Just as people respond better to the personal touch, cows also feel happier and more relaxed if they are given a bit more one-to-one attention,” said Dr Catherine Douglas, lead researcher of the university’s School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. “By placing more importance on the individual, such as calling a cow by her name or interacting with the animal more as it grows up, we can not only improve the animal’s welfare and her perception of humans, but also increase milk production,” she added.

Drs Douglas and Peter Rowlinson have submitted the paper’s conclusion: “What our study shows is what many good, caring farmers have long since believed. Our data suggests that, on the whole, UK dairy farmers regard their cows as intelligent beings capable of experiencing a range of emotions.” The scientific paper also finds that “if cows are slightly fearful of humans, they could produce [the hormone] cortisol, which suppresses milk production,” Douglas noted. “Farmers who have named their cows, probably have a better relationship with them. They’re less fearful, more relaxed and less stressed, so that could have an effect on milk yield,” she added.

South Norfolk goldtop-milk producer Su Mahon, one of the country’s top breeder of Jersey dairy herds, agreed with Newcastle’s findings. “We treat all our cows like one of the family and maybe that’s why we produce more milk,” said Mrs Mahon. “The Jersey has got a mind of its own and is very intelligent. We had a cow called Florence who opened all the gates and we had to get the welder to put catches on to stop her. One of our customers asked me the other day: ‘Do your cows really know their names?’ I said: I really haven’t a clue. We always call them by their names – Florence or whatever. But whether they really do, goodness knows,” she added.

The researchers’ comparative study of production from the country’s National Milk Records reveals that “dairy farmers who reported calling their cows by name got 2,105 gallons (7,938 liters) out of their cows, compared with 2,029 gallons (7,680 liters) per 10-month lactation cycle, and regardless of the farm size or how much the cows were fed. (Some 46 percent of the farmers named their cows.)”

The Newcastle University team which has interviewed 516 UK dairy farmers, has discovered that almost half – 48% – called the cows by name, thereby cutting stress levels and reported a higher milk yield, than the 54% that did not give their cattle names and treated as just one of a herd. The study also reveals cows were made more docile while being milked.

“We love our cows here at Eachwick, and every one of them has a name,” said Dennis Gibb, with his brother Richard who co-owns Eachwick Red House Farm outside of Newcastle. “Collectively, we refer to them as ‘our ladies,’ but we know every one of them and each one has her own personality. They aren’t just our livelihood, they’re part of the family,” Gibb explained.

“My brother-in-law Bobby milks the cows and nearly all of them have their own name, which is quite something when there are about 200 of them. He would be quite happy to talk about every one of them. I think this research is great but I am not at all surprised by it. When you are working with cows on a daily basis you do get to know them individually and give then names.” Jackie Maxwell noted. Jackie and her husband Neill jointly operate the award-winning Doddington Dairy at Wooler, Doddington, Northumberland, which makes organic ice cream and cheeses with milk from its own Friesian cows.

But Marcia Endres, a University of Minnesota associate professor of dairy science, has criticized the Newcastle finding. “Individual care is important and could make a difference in health and productivity. But I would not necessarily say that just giving cows a name would be a foolproof indicator of better care,” she noted. According to a 2007 The Scientist article, named or otherwise, dairy cattle make six times more milk today than they did in the 1990s. “One reason is growth hormone that many U.S. farmers now inject their cows with to increase their milk output; another is milking practices that extend farther into cows’ pregnancies, according to the article; selective breeding also makes for lots of lactation,” it states.

Critics claimed the research was flawed and confused a correlation with causation. “Basically they asked farmers how to get more milk and whatever half the farmers said was the conclusion,” said Hank Campbell, author of Scientific Blogging. In 1996, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs provided for a complex new cattle passport system where farmers were issued with passport identities. The first calf born under the new regime were given names like “UK121216100001.”

Dr Douglas, however, counters that England doesn’t permit dairy cattle to be injected hormones. The European Union and Canada have banned recombinant bovine growth hormone (rGBH), which increases mastitis infection, requiring antibiotics treatment of infected animals. According to the Center for Food Safety, rGBH-treated cows also have higher levels of the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), which may be associated with cancer.

In August 2008, Live Science published a study which revealed that cows have strange sixth sense of magnetic direction and are not as prone to cow-tipping. It cited a study of Google Earth satellite images which shows that “herds of cattle tend to face in the north-south direction of Earth’s magnetic lines while grazing or resting.”

Newcastle University is a research intensive university in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England. It was established as a School of Medicine and Surgery in 1834 and became the “University of Newcastle upon Tyne” by an Act of Parliament in August 1963.

The School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development is a school of the Newcastle University Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering, a faculty of Newcastle University. It was established in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne as the College of Physical Science in 1871 for the teaching of physical sciences, and was part of Durham University. It existed until 1937 when it joined the College of Medicine to form King’s College, Durham.

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By Melody N. Andes

Toy shops have also become one of the major tourist attractions for many decades. Kids would always request their parents to bring them in to one of those enchanted toy shops located in the different corners of the globe. Well, these toy shops do not only bring sheer bliss to a lot of kids but adults alike. Indeed, these places can be likened to that of wonderland. These bring tons of fun to both kids and adults. So, when you set foot to the following places might as well visit these fantastic toy shops to make the trip even more memorable. Below is actually a list of the world’s hailed best toy shops.

Barbie Store

Little girls would absolutely be delighted if you take them to the Barbie Store which is located in Buenos Aires. The Barbie Store is more than just a shop where you can find the finest Barbie dolls. The store also gives little girls the opportunity to dress up like their favorite characters. Who on earth wouldn’t be thrilled with this? Barbie Store is also a play space especially for little girls. They also cater themed parties for girls 3-12 years of age. There’s also a salon in Barbie Store where you can get all dolled up. Not only that, the Barbie Tea House also offers you delectable, sweet treats. Now, for all the little girls who like everything pink, the Barbie Store in Buenos Aires is certainly a must visit.

YouTube Preview Image

Fao Schwarz

When in New York, you shouldn’t miss heading to Fao Schwarz which is considered to be the oldest toy shop in the United States. Fao Schwarz is named after its founder, Frederick Otto August Schwarz in 1862 and was first situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The flagship store then opened in New York in 1986 and had remained there until today. Fao Schwarz has the most unique toys you can ever find from tea sets, Barbie dolls, bicycles, you name it- they have it all! There’s more to that, the store also has Fao Schweetz which is a haven of candies and other sweet delights. The shop had also been featured in one of the scenes of Big, a movie with Tom Hanks in it.


Of course, who wouldn’t know the world-renowned Hamley toy shop in Regents Street, London? Hamleys is a towering seven-storey shop which showcases any type of toy you can think of. Indeed, a lot of shoppers always root here especially during casual family days. Hamleys have a couple of branches across the UK, specifically in Dundrum, Glasgow and St Enoch Centre. Hamleys is more than just a toy shop for this is also an event center which holds puppet shows, competitions and other similar activities.

So, if you’re looking for sensory toys, waiting room toys, classroom rugs and many others, you’ll surely have your best finds in these stores. So, what are you waiting for? You can now start shopping. The sky’s the limit and of course, your budget. Good luck!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

On Wednesday, long-time White House correspondent Helen Thomas questioned White House Press Secretary Dana Perino bluntly and repeatedly about United States President George W. Bush’s recent confirmation that he had approved CIA interrogation policies that included waterboarding.

“Where is everybody?” asked Thomas, apparently frustrated with lack of attention her colleagues had given the issue. The community at the social news site reddit answered “Here we are”; a message they plan to deliver along with several thousand dollars in flowers and other gifts.

Thomas’s questions became front-page news on reddit this morning, via a Think Progress blog post that includes a C-SPAN 2 video clip of Thomas during yesterday’s press briefing. Noting the president’s repeated assertion that the U.S. does not torture, Thomas characterized the authorized interrogation techniques as torture.

“Now he has admitted that he did sign off on torture, he did know about it,” said Thomas, “so how do you reconcile this credibility gap?”

Perino reiterated that the “United States has not, is not torturing any detainees in the global war on terror.”

That’s not my question. My question is, why did he say publicly ‘we do not torture’, when he really did know that we do?

Whether waterboarding, among other techniques, should be categorized as torture has been a subject of political contention in recent months. Thomas was unequivocal, responding to Perino: “That’s not my question. My question is, why did he say publicly ‘we do not torture’, when he really did know that we do?”

In appreciation of the reporter asking “A REAL QUESTION” (as the headline put it), reddit users (known as “redditors”) have collected over $3,000 for the purchase of flowers, edible arrangements and other gifts. Several ‘redditors’ also claimed to have ordered flowers for Thomas independently.

The bulk of the money was collected through, on a donation page created Micah Fitch, a musician and graphic designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As of publication, the site registered 400 contributors for a total of $3,125. Fitch also created a wiki, FlowersWiki, for organizing the gift purchases and selecting messages to go with them. A large delivery to the Washington D.C. offices of Thomas’s employer Hearst Newspapers is being scheduled for Friday morning.

One redditor claims that a friend who works for The Daily Show is pitching the story to the show’s staff.

This is not the first time Thomas has received a high-volume flower gift. In 2006, an e-mail campaign that began on the political website Democratic Underground collected over $2000 and resulted in delivery of 108 dozen roses.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Londoners are commemorating the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on its transport networks that claimed 52 lives.

On this day last year, a series of coordinated suicide bombings struck London’s public transport system during the morning rush hour, with three bombs exploded within 50 seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later in Tavistock Square. Fifty-two people were killed in the attacks, as were the four bombers, and about 700 injured in the deadliest single act of terrorism in the United Kingdom since the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 and the deadliest bombing in London since the Second World War. The four suicide bombers were all UK residents, and while Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks, police are unsure of its exact role in the attack.

Flowers were laid by mayor Ken Livingstone and Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State for Culture, near Kings Cross station at 8:50 a.m. BST (0750 UTC), marking the time and place of the first attack on a Piccadilly Line train beneath the station.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, who attended a private memorial at London’s Fire Brigade headquarters, said “This is a time when our country unites across all races, religions and divides and stands in solidarity with all those who have suffered so much, in sympathy with them and in defence of the values which we share,”, and recalled the efforts of emergency and public service personnel and the public at large, in the aftermath of the attack.

Tributes were also paid at Tavistock Square where a bus was attacked at 9:47 a.m. BST this day one year ago.

The bells of St Paul’s Cathedral tolled at the exact time of each of the bombings.

A two minutes silence was held across the UK at noon BST (1100 UTC), including at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. In many schools, offices, shops and town centres across the country the two minutes was observed. Other events are planned around London for later in the day.

Special programmes have been broadcast on British television to mark the occasion.

Yesterday, a video of one of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer, was broadcast on the Al-Jazeera television channel, claiming to link the attacks with Al-Qaeda.

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Submitted by: Desmond Murff

We have a vast range of Fleur rugs available here at We currently have around 20 different choices for you to browse through at your leisure. Our Fleur rugs come in 3 different styles – Iris, Rosina and Eclipse, all of which are stunning designs to say the least.

Some of the designs within these styles are out of this world and will look fantastic in any room you decide to put them into. All of the designs have an elemenr of not only a modern design, but the different patterns really set them off. Although they look great on a carpeted floor, they look even better on either a laminated or wooden floor.

YouTube Preview Image

Fleur rugs offer a pile that is very soft to touch. Most of our Fleur rugs come with a power loomed 100% Heatset Polypropylene pile that is hand carved, colourfast, anti static, non shed, stain resistant, moth proof and water repellent. We also offer stunning designs and a blend of various colours that are available to buy online from our huge selection of retailers that we work with.

Have you ever thought of the pattern of the rug and it’s importance of taking into account, your existing style of furniture and decor? Normally, you would consider that if you have rectangular room, you would have a rectangular rug. If you have an oval room, you would always choose an oval rug. Not anymore. A majority of our customers are really starting to “think outside of the box”, you know, not going for what would usually be the “norm”. How cool would would a rectangular rug look in an oval room, and an oval rug in a rectangular room. Now is the time to start using your imagination, and bring out the best in your interior design talents.

When choosing your desired Fleur rug, do not forget to measure your room first, decide which rug you would like, but most importantly, make sure there is enough clearence between your rug and say, a piece of furniture. There should ideally be an even clearence around the entire rug. Ensure that that the rug is clear of any doors in the room you are going to put the rug in, as the door may get caught on the rug and not open fully. It may even damage the rug. These are just little pieces of information you need to check before buying your rug.

With regards to prices for the Fleur rug, you are probably looking at a price range of somewhere between 15 and 50. Obviously, this may change from time to time, depending on the standard of quality and designs that manufacturer’s decide to produce. At the moment though, we would say that you are still probably safe with the price bracket we have given above.

Before we go, just to let you know that here at, we are an independant retailer, specialising in all types of rugs, acting on behalf of a number of well known branded High Street and online retailers. We offer an impartial and independant view on rugs that we sell for these retailers, and these views are purely based on research, personal experience and feedback, given to us by our much valued customers. If you are not reading this from our website, all of our rugs, plus more can be found at, or if you want to have a closer look at our Fleur rug collection, just click on

About the Author: The Rug Buyer


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This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

As families fled their homes in the early morning hours on Thursday October 26, there was no warning. The Esperanza Fire southeast of Los Angeles and West of Palm Springs, California, had ballooned under the influence of Santa Ana winds to more than 19,000 acres as of the morning of October 27. No time to get the animals, no time for crates or even a leash. Sadly, owners left behind not only their horses, lamas, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, but also their dogs and cats.

Many of the families who did manage to evacuate their pets found themselves in the parking lot at the Fellowship in the Pass Church Red Cross Shelter where a MuttShack Animal Rescue team caught up with them.

Pam Anderson, Director of the emergency Red Cross shelter said that many people with animals had come and left.

The air was thick with smoke, and ash was raining down on the parking lot where dog owners, not able to take their dogs into the shelter were camping out in pup tents and in their cars.

Those who could afford it checked themselves into pet friendly hotels in nearby towns.

Some were prepared. Jane Garner, a small dog breeder was able to get all her animals out, and had set up her puppy runs alongside her RV in the parking lot. Others were not doing too well, having left home without as much as a leash.

The same scenario played out at the Red Cross shelter at Hemet High School. Animals were being boarded in vans, trailers and cars and small travel crates.

When MuttShack Animal Rescue arrived, a small fracas had sent several dogs off in different directions, running out of the school parking lot down busy streets necessitating an instant rescue response.

The Incident Command for the Esperanza Animals, Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto welcomed MuttShack‘s offer to help at the shelters.

Ramona Humane Society had recently published a notice in their Newsletter about the newly passed “PETS Act” and warned owners not wait until a major disaster such as an earthquake or fire to prepare. “Be proactive to ensure that your pet will be taken care of.”

MuttShack and PetSmart Charities set up ad hoc facilities for the animals at both shelters.

The Red Cross shelter, run by Madison Burtchaell of the Orange County Red Cross was very accommodating about allowing a small emergency pet shelter adjacent to the School.

Barbara A. Fought of PetSmart Charities, an organization that works with animal welfare organizations and provide assistance in disasters, provided crates and emergency supplies.

MuttShack and Red Cross volunteers, Martin St. John, Tom Hamilton, and Steve Meissner helped assemble the crates to secure a safe environment for evacuated pets.

It was a great relief for evacuees who had camped out in the parking lot to finally leave their vehicles and relax at the shelter, setting up their cots to grab some sorely needed rest.

Firefighters and residents reported loss of wildlife and animals. The Esperanza fire burned 34 homes, consumed 40,000 acres and cost five Firefighters their lives before it was contained four days later on October 30. Firefighting operations cost nearly $10 million.

MuttShack Animal Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization active in disasters and dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of lost or discarded dogs, cats and other animals.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Humanitarian aid groups and Chinese military forces are beginning rescue operations in western China after a heavy 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the region on Wednesday, that reportedly killed over 600 people and injured almost ten thousand.

The quake, which was centered around the remote town of Yushu, was largely destroyed by the heavy temblor, which occurred early in the morning as residents were waking up. The official death toll stands at 617, while 9,980 more were injured and an additional 313 reported as missing. The Chinese ministry of civil affairs reports that 15,000 houses had collapsed and 100,000 people – almost the entire population in the area – remain without homes.

The plateau where the earthquake hit is frequently visited by tremors; however, there are rarely many casualties due to its remoteness and small population. However, in May 2008 a heavy 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Sichuan foothills, killing 80,000 people.

Rescue efforts are underway, but impeded due to the area’s remoteness and landslides, which have blocked many roads in the area. Also a factor is the high altitude at which the area is located – about 4,000 metres above sea level (13,000 feet) – which could adversely affect rescue crews not used to being in such thin air. Sniffer dogs, for instance, who aren’t accustomed to working at high sea levels, could have a harder time detecting living people buried beneath rubble.

Power and telephone lines were also downed by the temblor, affecting communication, although the authorities commented that electricity and phone links have been repaired to tens of towns.

China’s state media reports that troops garrisoned in the Yushu county, with help from locals, have already rescued over a thousand people buried beneath debris.

Residents and troops garrisoned in the Yushu county have managed to pull out more than 1,000 people alive, according to Chinese state media. They are using shovels and bare hands.

Further exacerbating the situation is the weather: temperatures are freezing, and meteorologists predict sleet and wind to come within the next few days. Many people were forced to sleep outdoors, protecting themselves from the cold in blankets, or spending the night in vehicles.

Pierre Deve for the non-governmental organisation Snowland Service Group, was present in Yushu. He described the damage to Times Online, saying: “There are corpses everywhere on the street. They don’t have time to deal with them. There is a real need for medicine, for food, for water and for doctors. People are terrified that there will be another earthquake. They are also afraid that a dam that has been cracked will burst and flood the town.”

A local doctor, Karma Sherab, also commented on the problems the area is facing: “Most of the hospitals have collapsed and others had become dangerous. The only thing we can do is to clean the wounds in a simple way or simply amputate instead of curing.”

Chinese president Hu Jintao, meanwhile, said that he would be dispatching over 5,000 rescuers and soldiers to the scene of the disaster; the government has pledged over US$29 million worth of aid. Hu described the quake as being a “huge calamity”. He is also shortening his visit to a summit in Brazil to return to his country. “That is why I decided to bring forward my return to China,” he said from Brasilia.

Premier Wen Jiabao has visited Yushu to oversee relief work; he decided to delay a visit to southeastern Asia due to the disaster. “As long as there is the slightest hope, we will make efforts that are 100-fold. Your disaster is our disaster, your suffering is our suffering.”

The head of China’s disaster relief department, Zou Ming, says that 120,000 articles of clothing, 120,000 quilts, food, and close to 40,000 tents were to be sent to the disaster zone; he encouraged people to donate money to assist in longer-term relief work.

Meanwhile, some foreign countries have offered financial help; among them is Japan, which has pledged over one million dollars to disaster victims. The United States also said it is “ready to assist” if China requests international aid.

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Submitted by: Mr.Michel Jackson

Today, we believe in living a healthy and fit life. Exercise and healthy diet become our mandatory intake. Are you still thinking of a healthy life? Then, you should immediately shift to a healthy life so that you can increase the life span of your life and live a healthy life. All foods do not cover up our essential nutrients and that is why; we need to take extra protein to keep our health fit and fine. Endurance fuel is good for our health and for people who perform cardio exercises. It will give you power and enhance the stamina in a positive way.

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